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Professional Development

P.E. Seminar & FIEP World Congress 2014, Finland

Here goes my first blog post…

So after spending two years in Shanghai, in a school environment that was all about profit, it was time for a move.  In the two years I was there, the school did not send any middle or primary staff on professional development, only high school staff that taught on the AP or IB.  So before starting my new post, I decided to see what conference I could attend over the summer months.  I researched what was available, and the only one I could find in Europe, was the one in Finland.  I watched all the live keynotes from the National PE institute, and was very impressed.  It is high on my list, to attend in 2015.  Now the conference was held at the Institute of sport for Finland, and the facilities were second to none.  The overall focus was ‘Worldwide Innovation Physical Education’, and I was thinking I would be able to take away some new ideas to take into my new role.  So there was many different seminars that was on offer, and as I went through the programme I tried to think which would be suitable for me and how can I use the information in the new job.

Going to the different seminars was good to see how other teachers would teach peers/colleagues/ but you also got an idea how their lessons may run too.  On the whole I was disappointed with the amount of seminars that was on offer, though there was two teachers that did make it worth wild, and I am going to talk about one of them.  A teacher from Switzerland called Muriel Sutter, was a breath of fresh air to the seminar, and all of her ideas I could take away and incorporate into my lessons.  I could see her lessons would be similar to my own, asking kids questions, and keeping them moving, even during sports where they can be quite static at times such as volleyball. You can check out her book here (http://goo.gl/ggKYoI), Muriel you can thank me another time :D.  I decided that the ideas I took away from Muriel’s sessions, made the conference worth wild, (I was not the only participant that thought this!).

 Angry Birds

Basically an obstacle course, with a slight dodgeball twist.  Two teams, one the Angry Birds, one the pigs.  The pigs have to get round the obstacle course, and every pig that gets round scores a point.  But the Angry Birds team is split into two, the Angry Birds stay in the ‘nest’, the other half are the collectors.  The ones in the nest have a soft ball and have to aim to hit the pigs as they run round, shoulder or below, once thrown the collectors go and collect the balls and bring them back to the nest.  If the pigs do get hit they have to start again.


Now I tried this with the MS & HS in my new role, in the first week, while getting to know the students.  They loved it!

For more ideas check out Muriels book (http://goo.gl/ggKYoI)


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