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Read #physed blogs on the move

Now I am a big fan of the kindle app on my iphone and on my ipad (https://goo.gl/eVguBY) to read my current books (at the moment it is Chris Hadfields – An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth http://goo.gl/XcvJM7 – Recommended!! ) There is so many great #physed bloggers out there, I don’t always get time to read all their posts. Two weeks ago I came across Readability (https://www.readability.com/) and what a great add on it is to compliment my kindle app.

What is does is take the information from a webpage and clean it up to allow for a better reading expercience.  In addition you can save articles for reading later, or the best bit for me is you can send them to your kindle.  Once you have set it up you just click the add on, click save to kindle, open your kindle up (as long as you are connected), and then it will download the article to the kindle device or kindle app! PERFECT for reading blogs on the go.


Try it out.


  • Clean Up Cluttered Pages

    With the free Readability browser add-on, you’re one click away from a better web experience.

  •  Stylized graphic of a watch and a bookmarked page.

    Save for Reading Later

    Readability stores articles you find on the web for reading at your convenience—any time, anywhere.

  • Stylized graphic of two smart phones and a tablet.

    An App for Your Device

    Enjoy Readability anywhere you are with our free apps for iPhone & iPad, and Android devices.





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